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Funny Business: The Best Pun Business Names

The enterprising nature of humans means that sometimes people like to strike it out on their own and start up a business. They decide that their calling in life is to cut hair, sell second hand furniture or decorate the homes of others.  Then some of these entrepreneurs have a realization.

If they want people to use their business and keep bringing people back then they need to name said business. They need something that is memorable, unique and yet instantly recognizable. They need something that will get people talking and say such sentiments as ‘I saw this funny thing the other day it was really funny’  OR ‘Ha – what a genius, they’ve clearly thought that business name through’. 

This small group of go-getters are the business women and men who decide to give their businesses puns for names. They are the modern day satirist and we are here to celebrate them in all their glory. If you yourself are trying to create a memorable and, let’s face it, outstanding name for a business then gain some inspiration from these mavericks.


Setting up shop to cater to the never ending vanity of humankind is a great way to make money. Hairdressers particularly excel at pun business names, which makes us think maybe they had a missed opportunity for stand up comedy. Ignoring that realization let’s have a look at some of the best from the world of human hair.