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Funny Motivational Speakers

A client recently asked me if there is a difference between a funny motivational speaker and a speaker who happens to be funny? My answer: “Sounds like a matter of mere semantics. Like asking if there’s a difference between a drama that includes some comedy or a comedy that includes some drama.”

There is though, I think, a sliding scale for the level of humor that a good speaker puts into their presentation and the ratio of content vs. entertainment.

As someone who has coached speakers for more than twenty-five years, I truly believe that humor is merely the vehicle for delivering relevant content and ideas, so that speakers and clients shouldn’t view it as a choice, as an “either funny or content” situation. Ideally, a great speaker can be funny and thought-provoking at the same time. Funny and motivational at the same time.

If you are hiring a funny motivational speaker though, be very clear on what your goal is. Is it first and foremost to make the audience laugh?Or do you want the speaker to deliver relevant ideas and content that will make a difference in the lives or workplaces of your audience, but be funny and engaging while they do so.

There are many great speakers who deliver fabulous content, but are still highly engaging and entertaining.

If you start with the message and information and ideas you want the audience to hear, then look for someone who can deliver those ideas in a funny, entertaining way, I don’t think you’ll ever go wrong with your choice of speaker.

Michael Kerr, 2010

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