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Turning Customers Into Fun Ambassadors for Your Products

The Fly By Night Club in Anchorage, Alaska features a nightly show called the Whale Fat Follies. As a way to interact with their audiences in an offbeat way, the leader of the follies asks the audience to take photos of themselves with a can of Spam (Alaska is the second highest per capita consumer of Spam in the U.S.) in front of famous landmarks and send the photos back to the club for use in their shows and to decorate the walls of the club.

Why not do a similar thing with your products? Encourage people to take offbeat photos, or even short videos, starring one of your products. If you don’t have traditional products, then use a t-shirt, bag or baseball cap featuring your logo. Encourage people to post them on Twitter or Instagram with a relevant hashtag or send them directly to you. Turn it into a contest by offering prizes for the most unusual or creative photos or videos. It’s a simple way to encourage customers (or employees) to expand your marketing reach, become ambassadors for your business, and interact with your products in a fun way.

Michael Kerr is an international speaker and the author of “The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank!”


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