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Getting Motivated with a Little Fun and Humor

Having trouble getting motivated? Here are some simple ways to tap into your sense of humor and fun to help you tackle your to-do list or big project. 

1.  Plan a fun reward.   Commit to celebrating when you are finished with something fun.

2. Turn it into a game. Write down your top 5 or 10 to-do items in a numbered list then roll the dice to decide which order you tackle the list.

3.  Make a fun bet.  Make a fun, wacky wager with your team mates,  work partner or spouse. For example, if you don’t finish the project by next Wednesday, you will sing an Elvis song in front of the entire team.

4. Plan regular fun breaks.  Recess isn’t just for kids. Study after study demonstrates that when people take frequent breaks they are more productive, not less. But make sure the breaks truly are relaxing – so get away from your desk, read a funny book, look for a simple way to laugh.

5.  Turn each item into a game. Studies show then when workers turn mundane, rote chores into a mental game they feel less stressed.  Time really does go faster when you have more fun, so get creative and turn the most boring items on your list into a mental game. It can be as simple as setting a time limit goal for yourself and then striving to beat your own best time.

6.  Change your environment. Listen to upbeat music, create a fun physical environment – make the environment fun so that you actually want to be wherever it is you are working.

7. Keep your eye on the final goal. Remember, it’s true that there really is nothing more motivating than success.  Success is fun, so remind yourself continually how you will feel when you are finished!

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