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Give Your Memory a Humor Boost

Having trouble remembering what you forgot to remember? A little

humor may help. A few studies have suggested that the next time

you can’t find your car keys, simply laughing may help you find

them. Who knows why? Maybe laughter simply helps you relax so that

your subconscious mind can filter through the debris faster?

A study reported in the current issue of the International Journal

for Humor Research also suggests that people have a higher recall

rate for funny photos than for inspirational photos, and for facts

that are associated with something humorous. The upshot? If you

want your messages to be more memorable, a bit of humor might help.

Humor and creativity might also help you improve your own memory. In

the very entertaining book, “Moonwalking With Einstein-The Art and

Science of Remembering Everything” by Joshua Foer, Foer makes the

argument that creativity and memory are highly linked, perhaps even

opposite sides of the same coin. What his research and experience as

winner of the U.S. Memory Championships suggests is that thinking

creatively and making outrageous, funny mental associations to the

things you want to memorize is perhaps the most effective way of

remembering anything for a long, long time!


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Look for outrageous opportunities to help your customers have

more fun and, as I always stress, get some free publicity at the

same time, such as the hotels in California this summer who are

offering guests a free upgrade by performing live at the check-in

counter. The Shorebreak Hotel, Pacific Edge Hotel, Hotel Erwin and

Hotel Angeleno are offering one upgrade per hotel each day to the

first guest who sings one of the selected songs. Not only should

this make it fun for the guests and the employees, the hotels have

already received loads of free publicity. And they’ll continue to

capitalize on the fun by posting the performances on You Tube and

offering a grand prize for the best performance.


Quote of the Week

“A good laugh sends a reassuring message: We’re on the same

wavelength, we get along.” Daniel Goleman


It’s a Wacky World

From the Huffington Post, here’s a few of the weirdest college

classes being served up in the U.S.:

– How to Watch TV (Montclair State University)

– The Joy of Garbage (Santa Clara University)

– Zombies in Popular Media (Columbia College)

– Looking at Animals (Evergreen State University)

– Maple Syrup: The Real Thing (Alfred University)


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