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Give Your Mind Room to Play

There’s a study which found that the higher the ceilings, the more creative people tend to be. In other words, don’t waste your time brainstorming in an attic or root cellar.

For real inspiration, it would seem, the mind needs room to roam. Space to breathe. Room to not just wonder, but to wander.

I’m writing this post on a glorious, seemingly endless white beach on the island of Providenciales, in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, and I have to agree with the sentiment.  My brain hasn’t stopped playing since I arrived here.

Perhaps there’s something to the notion that if we remove all physical constraints, it becomes easier to free our minds of the artificial mental constraints we impose on our thoughts.

Now a trip to the Caribbean for your team might not be in this year’s budget (although one can dream), you can at least give some thought to where you do your best thinking and where your team might gain an edge for your next strategic meeting.Cramming everyone’s brains and bodies into an undersized, windowless meeting room perhaps isn’t the best option.

So what about going to a city park? Meeting at your local zoo or museum or science center might free up your collective brainpower (often these facilities have very dynamic, expansive meeting spaces). And if you can’t get out of the country, then at least try and get out into the country.

Because blue sky thinking really does contribute to blue sky thinking.

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