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Go Fishing for Big Ideas

1. Go Fishing for Bigger Ideas

How do you catch a big fish? You use a big hook. (Hey, it’s not
rocket science).

So how do you get breakthrough, inspiring, BIG ideas at work?
Ask BIG questions. Big questions lead to big ideas. Big questions
generate big thinking. Big questions lead to big possibilities.

Think about the type of questions you ask yourself or your team.
Are they small questions that limit your thinking and limit the
possibilities before you’ve even started?

Remember the old saying – if you don’t ask, you don’t get?
Well, if you don’t ask BIG things, you’ll never get BIG ideas!
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

If you want to thank your employees, your boss, your clients or
your team mates, remember that it really isn’t the size of the
gift that matters, but the thought. If you really want to wow
folks and make a lasting impression, then do some detective work
and find out what their personal passions are. A small gift
related to their interest will be the most memorable, meaningful
thank-you. Here’s a very specific, great thank-you gift idea: a
subscription to a magazine related to their hobby or interest.
It’s relatively inexpensive, and every time a new issue arrives
it will remind them of what an amazing person you are. (Not that
that’s why you are giving the gift of course.)
3. Quote of the Week

“Having fun at Peoplesoft is mandatory. People who are having fun
are more productive, they are nicer to other people in the
organization, they become evangelists for the company, and they
deliver fantastic customer service.” David Duffield, former CEO
Peoplesoft Inc.
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

It’s a sad day for clowns. A clown (an actual circus clown, not
your co-worker Bob) in Britain has been banned from wearing his
giant clown shoes by health and safety officials.

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