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Good Deeds at Work Pay Off in Good Deeds!

Play it Forward? Research Says Good Deeds Are Good, Indeed!

Researchers from the University of California and Harvard

University found that kind acts really are contagious.

When a person receives a gift or favor, they are more likely

to be generous and pass along an even bigger gift to someone

else. The researchers found that one good act was often the

catalyst for three more good acts.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

It’s St. Patrick’s Day so here are three simple ways you can


– Award a prize to the greenest employee or customer

– Hold a St. Patrick’s Day trivia quiz

– Award a prize for the best Irish accent

Got to

for more ideas and a fun video on how to celebrate in style.


Quote of the Week

“The Irish treat a serious thing as a joke, and a joke as a

serious thing.” Sean O’Casey


It’s a Wacky, Wacky World

In case you forgot, the Irish tradition of Kissing the

Blarney Stone is supposed to help you remove all your

shyness and give you the gift of the gab.

Happy hump day everyone. Keep laughing.

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