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Great Ideas at Work for a Switch

Great Ideas, for a Switch!

If you are serious about motivating people to make significant

changes in your workplace, then you absolutely need to get a hold

of the book “Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard,”

by Chip and Dan Heath. The book is packed with real-life examples

and offers tips galore on how to make change happen. A few of the

ideas that really work:

– Follow the Bright Spots: find out what’s working and clone

it. (For creating a more positive, fun workplace culture then,

find out specifically what your best-performing team is doing;

study companies such as and clone their key actions.)

– Script the Critical Moves: think and plan out the specific

behaviors that need to change. (Don’t try and create a more positive

workplace culture overnight, script out 1-3 specific behaviors that

everyone has to start/stop doing consistently.)

– Find the Feeling: to be successful you need to tap into people’s

emotions. (Help people experience how they will feel if your culture

changes for the better; how they’ll feel if it doesn’t.)

– Shrink the Change: this is the old

eating-the-elephant-one-bite-at-a-time routine. (Build momentum

and create early success stories by changing small, easily doable,

& specific behaviors.)


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Rather than always celebrating employees’ birthdays with cards

or gifts, use employees’ birthdays as an opportunity to donate to

the person’s charity of choice OR to support an important value of

theirs. For example, if Bob is a big supporter of the environment,

encourage everyone to walk, ride a bike, or take mass transit to

work as a way to honor Bob’s birthday.


Quote of the Week

“There is a certain mischievousness about innovative organizations,

pleasure in sticking a finger in convention’s eye, especially one

or more of our own.” Tom Peters


It’s a Wacky World

A Los Angeles zoo hired a feng shui consultant to design a monkey

enclosure, prompting this gem of a quote from the feng shui

consultant: “It’s very experimental. We don’t have any books on

feng shui for monkeys.” (So true. I smell a business opportunity!)

Keep laughing everyone. Remember, if you suppress laughter it goes

right to the thighs.


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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