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Make Your Office Truly Portable With These Mobile Devices

Mobile devices help business owners and entrepreneurs take the office with them on the road. Smartphones match nearly every function that tablets offer and are far more portable. But what other types of mobile devices are available? Here are a few devices that make it easier to work from outside the office:


Smartwatches are the next logical move for the ever-changing mobile device market. For example, the Samsung Gear S seems to have been designed for office use as well as personal use. And when compared to the Apple Watch, the Samsung watch offers features that business users are more likely to appreciate, including:

  • Larger, curved screen that makes reading and scrolling more natural
  • Greater screen resolution
  • Thin and lightweight wristband
  • Larger and longer-lasting battery
  • Wireless battery charger that doubles as a battery extender

The best feature is that the Samsung watch functions like a smartphone that businesspeople wear on their wrists. It works without requiring the wearer to carry a Samsung phone around. Although you do need to have a Samsung device to initialize the watch, afterward you can go phone-free and still make calls, texts, get on the Internet and otherwise use it as you would a smartphone.

Enterprise Solutions

Android for Work has been a successful management platform for employees who bring their own devices to work. And it’s about to get a major upgrade on Google’s next OS update, Android M, which will be widely released in the third quarter of 2015.

Android M offers more tools to help IT staff manage various mobile devices used in an office, according to IT World. Many of these features will be seen in Android for Work, although they are more targeted for business-provided devices and aim to help with managing permission to download apps and monitor data use.

DroidLife praises the Android M Apps Manager, calling it “simpler” and “insanely more powerful.” Here a few of its favorite features:

  • All apps are now displayed in a single column (previously they were grouped in three columns)
  • App info pages have been simplified and now feature “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” buttons
  • Info pages have shortcuts to more extensive information
  • Tablets have a split QWERTY keyboard
  • Google Drive has automatic backups and automatic restoring
  • It has the option to toggle for volume control

4G Access in the Car

Cars started offering 3G Internet access a few years ago when Audi offered its AudiConnect service. Now, many car brands offer 4G connectivity, and it is even considered standard for mid-range cars.

Why have access in your car when your smartphone works just as well? Automakers say it’s safer for drivers to glance at a dashboard screen than to look on their smartphones. Plus, passengers can take advantage of the office tools in the car.

Automakers are also teaming up with wireless providers to ensure unbroken connections in their cars, with many offering up to 5 GB of data per month. For example:

  • Qualcomm, who provides 4G to Mercedes, recently announced it will provide wireless phone charging
  • GM’s OnStar is teaming up with AT&T for 2015 models (AT&T phone subscribers got a nice price break, too)
  • Chrysler offers a pay-as-you-go option
  • Wi-Fi can be added to MyFordTouch systems

Ruth Ann Monti is a writer specializing in web content development and marketing. Her specialties include healthcare issues, the New York Yankees, and pretty much anything to do with Arizona.


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