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How to Keep Employees Happy: Guest Blog

Having your employees happy means your customers and clientele are happy, which means you, the business owner, are happy. But how can you keep your employees happy? Aside from raises, other perks of an employee’s job, be them subtle or significant, can maintain a positive and motivational atmosphere.


If your business isn’t partaking in the arrangement of providing or paying for mobile devices for your employees, get going on it. It’s possible it could save your business money, or at least it can help out your employees as well as your IT department.

Mobile devices are part of an employee’s everyday life. Many use them just as much for work as they do for personal time. As TechRadarPro points out, there are benefits for both you and your employees for business-covered mobile devices.

Using a BYOD strategy can cut down on bulky tech equipment, like PCs, and allows your employees freedom to work beyond the office and after (or before) office hours. It also allows your IT department to install protection features for business sensitive information, like emails, revenue figures and project plans that a competitor or hacker would love to get their hands on. It also can prevent viruses sneaking into one device and affecting the entire business system.

For the employee, monthly phone and Internet coverage adds a little financial relief for them, even if the business is only paying a part of the bill. It also provides a little assurance if a mobile device needs to be replaced. For those employees that may be living paycheck to paycheck, every little bit helps.


Healthcare coverage is assumed with most employee benefit packages, and 401(k)s are always an appreciated option. But instead of being typical, be unique. Check out some creative ideas from Business News Daily or try some of the shutterstock_126683501following suggestions:

  • Do away with official work hours. Instead of focusing on how much time employees put into something, gauge your employees on the work they get done. If the bottom line is met, why worry if someone ducks out 15 minutes before 5 p.m.?
  • Help families by setting up a reimbursement daycare package for employees with young children, or provide cash-friendly care packages for the baby.
  • Close the office early one day and invite employees to bring their families to the park for an out-of-office picnic, catered by the business. You know what they say . . . All work and no play . . .


In case you need some extra ideas, here are even more ways to show staff appreciation:

  • Holding birthday or holiday celebrations or a worker’s fifth, 10th or 25th anniversary on the job can show your employees you care about them as people, not just as workers. Besides, everyone loves cake, right?
  • Hearing them out on work ideas is a great way to keep communication lines open, too. Provide a suggestion box to help your employees feel more important. It may also create new ideas that actually can make the business better (and you got them without paying a consultant!).
  • Building camaraderie among your staff is important, too. Perhaps your business could sponsor a softball team for employees to play or get employees to sign up for charity events they can all participate in outside the office.

These kinds of ideas can strengthen the bond between them and with you, which, in turn, can keep them motivated, productive and happy at work.

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