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Humor as a Social Branding Tool

The annual Shorty Awards honor personalities, companies, and brands that have created highly successful social media campaigns. One finalist, Zzzquil, demonstrated just how effective a platform such as Twitter can be if done correctly. After discovering people were already talking about their product on social media — especially at night when insomnia struck — they decided to dive in with a Twitter account that focused on bringing humor and warmth to a topic that was typically handled in a sterile, medicinal way. The results: more than 16 million online impressions.

After learning that 40% of young adults admitted to using social media in the bathroom, Charmin toilet paper found tremendous success using a little potty humor on their Twitter account #Tweetfromtheseat. Their Twitter presence earned Charmin accolades from numerous media outlets, including Time Magazine, which called Charmin the “Sassiest Brand on Twitter”.

Even older, more staid organizations have found success using humor in social media. 85-year-old Delta Airlines maintained its brand image while using witty tweets to increase their followers by 50%. One of the most retweeted tweets: “Baby got back! We like big jets and we cannot lie, this 737 is ready to fly!”

Heck, even the CIA used humor in their very first Tweet in June of 2014: “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first Tweet.”

If done correctly, adding humor to your social media can be a hugely effective way to boost your company’s brand (or your own personal brand) and help your messages stand out from the herd.

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