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Humor at Work: Add Some Irish Charm to Your Customer Service

Humor at Work, September 7, 2011 Issue 403


I’m just back from Ireland, where I have to say, my wife and I

enjoyed the most phenomenal hospitality we’ve ever experienced

anywhere in our travels. Of course the Irish are renowned for

their sense of humor, which was plain to see everywhere we

traveled, from the humorous business signs (such as the one on a

women’s dress shop, “Sorry Men, We’re Open!”)to the jovial

bartenders and guides who kept us laughing. But beyond that, I

was reminded time and time again in Ireland of the importance of

charm in business. The inns, restaurants and shops that most

impressed us did so by charming the socks of us. So much so,

that it occurred to me that the elusive quality known as charm

could and should be seen as a huge competitive advantage,

especially for smaller businesses and operators. Charm, we soon

discovered, often helped us overlook the odd service lapse or

other minor faults that a customer might not put up with in a

larger, soulless business. We all know individuals in our lives

who amass goodwill capital simply because they’re so darned

charming.  The same principle applies to business. So look for

opportunities to charm the socks off of your customers.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, a time-honored

tradition wherein kissing the stone atop the Blarney Castle

supposedly infuses the kisser with the power of eloquence.

So as a speaker, I of course not only kissed the Blarney

Stone, I, well, to be honest, made out with it. (It was

a little embarrassing, but I got lost in the moment.)

Any time I see the power of traditions such as this in action,

I am reminded of the power of rituals and traditions to attract

and engage people. So look for opportunities to create some fun

rituals and traditions in your workplace. (If you cruise on

over to the article section at Humor at Work you’ll find a

list of potential workplace opportunities for creating a

new tradition.)


Quote of the Week

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!” Oscar Wilde


It’s a Wacky World

This Friday is “Wonderful Weirdos Day,” so in honor of all

you wonderful, wacky, weirdos out there, have a fun and weird



Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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