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Humor at Work at Ben and Jerry’s

1. I  Scream for More Fun

Okay, how about ice cream for more fun? Or, how about more fun

with your ice cream? Ben and Jerry’s ice cream are one of the few companies to actually have a “humor policy.” The wildly

successful Vermont-based company discovered that the “punch

line is not that far from the bottom line.” Active since 1988,

their “Joy Gang” has continuously strived to instill fun into

the daily routines, including holding many offbeat theme days

such as, “Clash-Dressing Day” and “Barry Manilow Appreciation

Day.” (It’s hard to imagine a more fun workplace: ice cream,

a humor at work committee, and Barry Manilow.)


2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Have a “name tag” day where everyone wears one of those “Hello,

My Name is ______ ” tags. Then (and here’s where the fun

really kicks in kids) have everyone pretend that they are

meeting everyone for the first time. I guarantee you people will

laugh plus it will give everyone a chance to reconnect, encourage

everyone to say hello to everyone else, and perhaps let some

people start their relationships over with a clean slate.


3.  Quote of the Week

“Humor in the workplace comes naturally AFTER you’ve done

everything else right.” Dilbert creator Scott Adams


4. It’s a Wacky World

Okay folks, is it just me or this a rather inappropriate

newspaper headline: Stiff Opposition Expected in Casket-less

Funeral Plan

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