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Humor at Work: Dental Office Adds Fun at Work With Star Trek Theme

Beam Up my Teeth!

Starbase Dental proves that a little humor in the dentistry

business can go a long way. Dressed in Star Trek uniforms, with

a Star Trek/sci-fi movie-themed office, this Orlando-based dental

office shatters all dentists stereotypes!

Despite their playful Star Trek theme, they still convey a

professional, caring image in everything they do. Starbase

Dental has simply adopted an unusual, fun theme to help them

stand out from the herd, and to send the message to their

patients that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

(And heck, considering the stress that most dental patients

experience, why wouldn’t a dental office use loads of humor?)

So as you ponder your future in this universe, think of creative,

fun ways you can reduce your own customers’ stress levels.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

For a wacky theme day or meeting icebreaker, Google “name anagram generators” and use everyone’s anagram-generated names for the  meeting or for the day. For example, my name Michael Kerr got spit out as ‘Like Charmer’. My full name, Michael Douglas Kerr got rearranged to: ‘Hacker’s Idle Glamour’, which I rather like! ================================================================

Quote of the Week

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge


It’s a Wacky World

The Ig Nobel prizes were announced last week, honoring wacky

science research projects. This year’s winners included a study

that showed that swearing helps people withstand pain, and a

scientist who invented a remote-control helicopter to collect

whale snot.

Happy Hump Day everyone, and happy “Bring Your Teddy Bear to

Work” day!


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2010

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