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Humor at Work: Fun Promotional Events Generate FREE Publicity!

Here’s another example of a business capitalizing on a little

creativity and fun to get some free publicity. The Lower

Mainland Eccotique Spa is offering a “confess and de-stress”

spa package for Vancouver Stanley Cup riot suspects. Any

suspected hooligans can turn themselves in, get their

fingerprints taken, and receive a relaxing spa treatment.

Are any of the rioters going to take them up on the offer?

Likely not. Does it matter? Of course not. The spa has

received free publicity coast to coast, by doing something

very different to stand out from the herd to be heard.

Speaking of a little different, Movember is right around the

corner. Yes, November is when men start growing mustaches to

raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, particularly

prostate cancer. One of the core values of the Movember

campaign is FUN! Movember is a classic example of using humor

to generate loads of publicity and to help communicate a

serious message.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Sure, random acts of kindness are great, except for one big

drawback. They’re too random. Having fun at work and creating

a humor-filled, creative  workplace is too important to be

left to chance, so how about creating some Planned Acts of

Fun? Here’s something to aim for: each day, plan a small fun

ritual to jump start your day and one to end your day on a

high note. Plan something a tad bigger once a week, maybe

a Friday end-of-week ritual that celebrates your team’s

highlights of the week, or hold a Friday afternoon best joke

of the week contest, or a fun dance off. Then look at your

entire calendar for the year and plan one somewhat substantial

fun event per quarter. Something that everyone can look

forward to, but reasonably simple so it doesn’t become a chore

for the folks putting it together.


Quote of the Week

“A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours are

wasted.” Captain James T. Kirk


It’s a Wacky World

Tomorrow is “Cranky Co-workers” Day. You know who they are. So

be sure to inject a little extra fun into the workplace, if not

for them, then for your own sake.


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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