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Humor at Work: Google Greatness

Regardless of what you feel about Google as an empire, they do

know how to build a great workplace. Their Culture Audits show

that 95% of employees view it as a great place to work, and it

regularly tops “Best Companies to Work For” lists. From their

quarterly kick-off meetings to living their values out loud,

Google puts a huge emphasis on maintaining a strong culture.

The original founders knew they wanted to not just create a

great business, but also a great workplace. Fun office space,

unique benefits (such as a $500 take-out meal fund for new

parents), huge opportunities for training, on-site dental

and medical facilities, on-site bike repair and oil change,

and classes in subjects ranging from home estate planning to

Spanish, all help build a “want to” kind of work environment.

But beyond the fabulous perks, what really makes Google an

inspiring workplace in the eyes of its employees is that the

senior leaders really do make sure the values around open, two-

way communication, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie

are demonstrated day in and day out.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Tomorrow is “Name Tag Day” so I’m recycling two old ideas here:

Have everyone wear a “Hello my name is____” nametag all day

and I guarantee you’ll discover how friendlier people are to

each other.

Bonus idea! Order some funny nametag ribbons to use at meetings,

with ribbons such as, “BORED Member,” “Runs with Scissors,”

“Plays Well With Others” or “Princess”. Order from PC Nametag:


Quote of the Week

“Whenever you can talk about the absurdity of yourself as a

human being, it’s funny.” Carrie Fisher ================================================================

It’s a Wacky World

Today is Panic Day! But please don’t! Even though it’s also

“Get Over It Day” and “Learn What Your Name Means Day!”

But what’s even more awesome is that tomorrow, March 10, is

“International Day of Awesomeness!” That’s just awesome!


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