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Humor at Work: Great Workplaces Create Great Ambassadors

In a survey by the David Alpin Group, one of the top reasons

employees cited for quitting their jobs was an unhealthy or

undesirable workplace culture. Yet, in the same survey, managers

failed to recognize this as a top factor. The failure to understand

the importance of culture costs organizations dearly. Moreover,

a study by Bill Fromm and Jim Heskitt of Harvard Business School

found that companies that distinguish themselves in how they hire,

train and treat their employees experience growth rates 60-300%

higher than their competitors. That’s a lot of moola folks!

Conversely, unhappy employees who quit are often more than happy to

share their experience with the world these days through Facebook,

their own blog, or with a You Tube video rant (not that this is the

wisest option, but it is sometimes the reality).

So always remember that your own employees are your top marketers,

recruiters and ambassadors for your organization. Treat them well,

create an insanely fun, innovative and inspiring culture and they’ll

evangelize for your organization – bringing great recruits and great

customers your way in droves!


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

75% of all fortune cookie messages get read out loud. So if you want

to add some fun to your next meeting, employee event, conference

OR if you want to promote yourself to your clients in a memorable

and fun way, contact one of the many on-line companies that will

create customized fortune cookies for you stuffed with your own

messages inside. (Just some food for thought for you.)


Quote of the Week

“It has always surprised me how little attention philosophers have

paid to humor since it is a more significant process of mind than

reason. Reason can only sort out perceptions; humor is involved in

changing them.” Edward de Bono


It’s a Wacky World

Tomorrow, April 14, is “International Moment of Laughter” day,

so take a moment to laugh at someone who’s a different nationality

than yours. No wait. I don’t think that’s the right idea. I think

you’re supposed to take a moment to laugh no matter where in the

world you are, because as Steve Allen once said, “If you suppress

laughter it goes right to the hips!”

And on an interesting side note, LOL was just added to the Oxford

English dictionary. So LOL tomorrow. At least FAM (For A Moment).

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