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Humor at Work: Happy Customers and Spending Customers!

A recent Consumer Reports survey suggests 64% of Americans have

walked out of a store because of poor service. A study in the

Journal of Service Research found that incivility by customer

service employees is on the rise, and that this is costing

companies dearly. Conversely, a study reported in the Journal

of Marketing Research found that people who feel relaxed spend

far more freely than stressed people. Customers who feel

relaxed tend to focus on the pleasures and benefits of a

purchase rather than stress about the price. So, what is

your organization doing to make sure your customer service

people are making a fabulous first impression? What are you

doing to surprise and reward your customers? What are you

doing to reduce your customers’ stress and make it a fun

experience to do business with you?


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

The energy company Nexen broke a Guinness World’s Record

last week for the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as

Superman.” 437 Nexen superheroes surpassed the previous

record of 288 supermen held by an Irish athletic club. The

event was not just for fun and games – it was part of Nexen’s

“Be a Superhero” campaign to raise money for the United Way.

But what a great way to kill three birds with one wacky

event: boost morale & raise team spirit; raise money for

a good cause; break a world’s record! So get creative and look

for opportunities to support a charity AND get some great free

publicity by breaking a world’s record!


Quote of the Week

“Initiative, creativity and passion are gifts. They cannot be

commanded.” Gary Hamel, The Future of Management


It’s a Wacky World

A survey of HR managers conducted by asked

for memorable gaffes that instantly disqualified candidates:

– One candidate listed her dog as a reference

– One candidates listed “moonwalking” as a “special skill”

– One candidate listed “versatile toes” as a job skill

– Once candidate wrote on his application: “I would be a good

ass for the company.”


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