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Humor at Work, Happy Employees = Good Business

Happy Employees are Good for Business (Gee, Who’d Have Guessed?)

A report by Hewitt Associates found that companies with the highest

levels of employee engagement outperformed companies on the total

stock market index and shareholder returns by an average of 19%,

while companies with low engagement levels had shareholder returns

that was 44% lower than average. Furthermore, 82% of companies

that improved employees’ happiness levels created more excitement

about the future of the company. The report authors conclude

that those companies that focused on employee morale during

the recession are far better positioned to rebound faster than

those that didn’t.

In other words, happy employees produce great results. (I know,

it’s simply shocking isn’t it? I mean to say that it’s shocking

that some people still don’t get this!)


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

It’s Cliché Day today (November 3rd), which I know, sounds SO cliché. So here’s

a good humor building exercise to try with your team. Google

cliché quotes, pick 5, then circulate the FIRST HALF of the cliché

to everyone on your team, and award a prize to whoever comes up

with the funniest ending to the opening. For example: He who

hesitates…is not only lost, but miles from the exit. Or, “If at

first you don’t succeed…skydiving may not be for you.”


Quote of the Week

“The failure to nourish and encourage lightness in the workplace

not only undermines productivity, creativity, adaptability and

morale – it drives people crazy.” From the book Nuts! Southwest

Airline’s Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success


It’s a Wacky World

American military researchers have developed a robot capable of

deceiving people. (Reminds me of my computer, who often tricks me

into thinking she is working on something, when really she’s

only playing Solitaire).


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