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Humor at Work: Hockey Team Offers Lessons for Inspiring Teams!

Canucks’ Teamwork Pays Off

For the non-Canadians reading this, allow me to preface this

blurb by letting you know that Canada is a hockey-crazed

nation. So hockey-crazed, that during our recent federal election,

one of the leaders’ televised debates was rescheduled to accommodate

a playoff hockey game. So crazed, that about 80% of Monday’s

news coverage on the CBC national news was devoted to hockey.

So, the Vancouver Canucks are up against the Boston Bruins in the

Stanley Cups finals. Part of the reason for the Canucks’ success

has been attributed to the inspiring team culture they have created

off the ice. According to coach Alain Vigneault, the team

has taken ownership of the team’s performance like never before,

have communicated with each other off ice like never before, and

have held each other accountable like never before, all great

hallmarks of an inspiring team. Plus, according to the coach,

they seem to be having fun! What a great concept! So, as you

vie for your own Stanley Cup (I know, very corny) at work, take

a cue from the Canucks, who will, sad to say for the Boston fans

out there, bring home the Stanley Cup after five games.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Hold a “Greet everyone as though they are your best friend” theme

day. Here’s the deal: studies show that people are a whopping 90%

LESS likely to approach someone who does NOT make eye contact or

smile at them. Smiling warmly at a person not only makes YOU

feel happier, it helps you come across as more confident,

approachable, interested, friendly, attractive and even (according

to some studies)more intelligent! And if you imagine every person

to be a long lost pal it becomes easier to focus 100% of your energy

on them, and it will maybe even trick your subconscious mind

into thinking you really like the person. Holding a theme day

dedicated to this could be a fun, sometimes even a wacky reminder

of the importance of interpersonal interactions at work, a reminder

to your customer service people to check how receptive they are coming across, and

a reminder that it’s the small  interactions at work that build trust. Remember, with

every interaction you have a chance to

either pass along some positive energy, or be an energy vampire.


Quote of the Week

“Sarchasm”: The gulf between the author of a sarcastic wit and the

person who doesn’t get it.


It’s a Wacky World

Get ready for an exciting and wacky June, because, yup, June is

official Smile Month, Lemon & Mango Month, Surf Music Month,

Bathroom Reading Month and, my personal favorite, Accordion

Awareness Month! Which raises the question: just how accordion

aware are you?


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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