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Humor at Work: Inspiring Values for an Inspiring Workplace

Humor at Work, November 10, 2010 Issue 368 ================================================================

Southwest Spirit Helps Airline Soar

Last spring I wrote about the “Southwest Spirit” that embodies

their corporate values. Expanding on that theme, here are some of

the core values that Southwest Airlines strives to model through

their actions, values that I think every workplace should model:

– Employees are #1. The way you treat employees is the way

they’ll treat your customers.

– Irreverence is okay.

– Manage in the good times for the bad times.

– Think small to grow big.

– It is okay to be yourself.

– Have fun at work!

– Take the competition seriously, but not yourself.

– Think of Southwest as being a service organization that just

happens to fly planes.

– Do whatever it takes.

– Hire for attitude, train for skill.

– Practice the Golden Rule (serve others rather than being served)

internally and externally.

So, how does your workplace stack up against those values?


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

In an effort to keep some of their meetings short and to the

point, Google times their meetings and keeps a record of the

meeting lengths, which also adds an element of fun and energy

to their meetings as teams vie to break the record for the

shortest possible meeting.


Quote of the Week

“If you lose your sense of humor, you are a danger to yourself,

and the people around you.” – leadership advice from

Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire


It’s a Wacky World – ZZZZZZZZ’s for $$$$$$$$$

Spain recently held a national siesta contest to find the best

napper. Points were awarded for the ability to fall instantly

asleep for 20 minutes, for snoring and for original sleeping

position. The winner of the contest was an unemployed security



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