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Humor at Work: Job Swaps and Rules Diet

Job Swap to Spark Creative Thinking

Creativity feeds off of making random associations and changing perspectives, which is one reason why the company Bonasource Inc. has each employee spend one week per quarter in a department totally unrelated to their own department. The mini sabbaticals help people stay fresh and keep motivated, and results in a big payoff in new ideas and enhanced creativity. Job swaps like this also help to break down silos, encourage a greater sense of team unity and facilitate better communication between departments. If you can’t handle once a quarter, try it on for size once every 6 months, or at least once a year. =====================================================================

Mike’s Fun at Work Tip: Go on a Rule Diet

Let’s face it, too many rules and too much bureaucracy can suck the

fun out of any workplace. (That’s why I love Google’s dress code:

“You must wear clothes.”) So go on a rule diet in your workplace.

Challenge your assumptions about the need for some of your rules.

Slay sacred cows. And make it fun by playing up the notion of a

diet, complete with a “weigh-in” before hand or before and after

posters. And don’t forget your customers. Identify unnecessary

rules that may be getting in the way of your customers fun! And

if you are unsure if you can live without a certain rule, then

try fasting for a month or two to see what the impact is.


Quote of the Week

“I believe in laughter. I think it is food for the soul.” Tommy Lasorda ====================================================================

It’s a Wacky World

North Korea’s “It’s So Funny” is one of the longest-running TV comedy

shows in the world, despite the fact that the show has very little,

well, um, humor. Laughing at the show is, evidently, optional,

unless soldiers in the audience are ordered to laugh at the funny

parts. Reminds me of the old line, “The beatings will stop once morale

has improved!”

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