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Humor at Work: Put on a Happy Brain to Boost Creativity!

Put on a Happy Brain

A study from the University of Western Ontario added further credence

to the notion that a positive mood enhances our ability to think

creatively and problem solve. When research participants were put

into a happier frame of mind (through listening to a peppy Mozart

piece and watching a video of laughing babies), they became more

flexible and thoughtful thinkers.

So before you sit down to brainstorm with your team (or even just

with your dog), put yourself into a positive frame of mind. Listen

to your favorite upbeat music (light jazz and classical are thought

to be the best for promoting creativity), do the fun dance for two

minutes, play a game, have everyone on the team tell a quick joke,

and/or remind everyone to smile because just changing your facial

expression can help shift your mood.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

A Humor at Work subscriber (thanks Tony from Victoria!) sent in a

great example of a business linking a special event in a fun way

for employees and customers. John’s Place restaurant, in beautiful

Victoria, B.C., renamed some of their menu items to honor Elton John,

who is performing in Victoria this February. Yes, you could order

some scrumptious Eggs Bennie and the Jets or a Saturday Night’s

Alright for Fish and Chips. So be on the lookout for ways to link

special events happening in your community to your products or

services in fun, creative ways.


Quote of the Week

“You can buy people’s time, you can buy their physical presence at

a given place, you can even buy a measured number of their muscular

motions per hour. But you cannot buy enthusiasm, you cannot buy

loyalty, you cannot buy devotion of their hearts. You must earn

these.” Lawrence Francis


It’s a Wacky World

In case you want to start planning now, this Friday, January 28th

Is official Kazoo Day, Clash Day (as in clothing, not head-butting),

Rattle Snake Round Up Day, and Plug In Developer Day. For bonus

fun, try combining all four into one wild and crazy Friday!

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