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Humor at Work: The Power of Yes, January 7, 2009

The Hump Day Humor-Gram, January 7, 2009 Issue Number 287

Happy New Year everyone! Mark your calendars: January 13
is Clean Off Your Desk Day, January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s
Question Day, January 23 is Measure Your Feet Day, and January
30 is Inane Answering Machine Message Day.
1. The Power of Yes

Jim Carrey’s latest movie, “The Yes Man,” prompted my brother-in
-law to pass a new year’s resolution to say “yes” to his wife as
often as he reasonably can in 2009. Which got me thinking about
the power of the word “yes” in our workplaces.

Surveys that find there are 10 negative comments to every 1
positive comment in the typical workplace suggest that many of us
are working in an uninspiring, “NO” kind of environment. As in,
“no way,” “no how,” “no thanks,” “no fun allowed” “no, your idea
sucks” or the always popular, “yes, but” . . .which is just a
fancy way of saying “NO!”

But if we want to create truly inspiring, positive, creative
workplaces, imagine if we all made a concerted effort to say yes
just a little more often. This simple little three-letter word
opens the door to creative ideas and new possibilities. A yes
attitude fosters greater cooperation and teamwork. A yes attitude
is the cornerstone of great customer service. So resolve to make
2009 a year of “YES!” Just like you did YESterday. (Please,
no angry hate mail. Really, how often do I make corny puns?)
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Dedicate a “YES day” where everyone on your team must answer any
suggestion, reasonable question or new idea with a resounding
“YES!”. Just trying it for one full day, at work and at home,
might not only prove to add a little spontaneous fun into your
day, it might help create some awareness as to just how often
we say no in a given day, and how hard it is to sometimes say
yes to a new idea or spontaneous suggestion.
3. Quote of the Week

“Humor is about saying ‘yes’ when everyone else is saying no.”
– comedian Robin Williams
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

To help ring in the new year, people in Ashikaga, Japan take part
in the always popular “Festival of Abusive Language.” (I know,
it sounds like SO much fun!) Folks climb to the top of a hill to
a 1,200-year-old temple while screaming curses and yelling at
their politicians, employers, and, apparently, even teachers.
Once that’s all out of their system, they then welcome in the new
year with special ceremonies that allow happiness to flow
into their lives during the coming year.

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