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Humor at Work: Tips to Keep Momentum Going When You Lose Steam

So you’ve tried some new ways to inject some energy, passion and

fun into the old workplace. At first, people were excited. But soon

folks lost steam, and the new initiatives began to fizzle. Oh well.

Another fad, another gimmick, another band-aid solution fallen

into the dumpster of new ideas that sounded good at first, but failed

to catch on and create real change. Sound familiar?

Here’s a few ideas that might help you regain that lost momentum:

– Talk up the “why?”. Why were you making the changes in the first

place? Why is it important to your success?

– Focus on the specific behaviors that can easily become doable

habits, because once something is a habit, it’s hard to kick.

– Remind yourself and your team of how much you really have

accomplished. It’s often easy to minimize the actual amount of

progress that has been achieved.

– Remind people that having a bit of slump or backslide is a natural

part of any change process that you can and will overcome.

– Remind yourself and your team of the negative consequences of

NOT sticking through with the new behaviors

– Create some mentorship or coaching alliances. Support people

or teams that can help offer advice and serve as role models

– Make it fun. Break it down into bite-sized chunks, simple

steps or weekly milestones, and then celebrate reaching each

step in a fun, even outlandish way.

– Create a fun vision board that serves to remind people of

what success looks like using funny photos, fake newspaper

headlines, funny quotes and visual reminders of the milestones

achieved thus far.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Tomorrow (June 16) is official “Recess at Work” day, so plan

a 30-minute break with your team and do something fun: hold an

impromptu hula hoop, fun dance or paper airplane flying contest.

Bring ice cream in for everyone. Report the office bully to the principal.

Or, do what we all did as kids when recess  rolled

around: remind everyone of the need for a mental and physical

health break and head outside to the nearest park or green space

to clear out the old cobwebs and get the oxygen flowing.


Quote of the Week

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely

interested.” E.M. Forster


It’s a Wacky World

A Taiwanese man failed in his attempt to sue his neighbors for

training their mynah bird to insult him! (Maybe the judge thought

it was to mynah an offense for the courts to deal with?)


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011

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