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Humor at Work: Un-suck Your Business Jargon

Un-Suck Your Jargon Speak

I’ve said it a gazillion times (well okay, a dozen times) –

jargony, buzzword speak in the workplace is ineffective,

annoying, confusing, uninspiring and, as the great book “Why

Business People Speak Like Idiots” concludes, it’s even

downright demoralizing.

We need to remind ourselves that we do business with other

live human beings and we need to speak HUMAN to each other!

Which is why I love the instruction guide that comes with the

T-Mobile phone (it’s fun and conversational) and Ctex Software’s

voice mail message (it’s fun and conversational) and listening

to speeches from someone like Apple CEO Steve Jobs (for the

most part, he’s fun and conversational).

Now if you want to have some fun with this topic cruise over

to the website, a site that translates common

workplace jargon into ever day language.


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Feeling unmotivated to dive into that lengthy to-do list of

goals? Create a numbered list of your goals, then to make it

a bit more fun to tackle them, roll a dice (or two) to determine

the order you dive into them, and commit to sticking to

whatever the dice tells you to do.


Quote of the Week

“The human need to play is a powerful one. When we ignore it, we

feel there is something missing in our lives.” Leo Buscaglia


It’s a Wacky World

Portland, Oregon comedian Bob Marley broke the record for the

longest standup comedy routine by joking for 40 straight hours.

And it wasn’t all just for the yuks and the fame, he managed to

raise $12,000 for a children’s hospital in the process.

Happy Hump day all. Remember, if you suppress the laughter, it

goes right to the thighs.


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2010

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