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Humor at Work: Using Humor to Be at Your Service

At Your Service

The fabulous and fun on-line shoe store requires every employee,   regardless of their eventual role in the company, to  spend their first four weeks  answering customer service calls as a way to expose everyone to the customer and to ensure every  employee gets the message ingrained in them that they are in  the service business – they just happen to sell shoes.  So what can you do to remind everyone in your workplace, no matter what they do, whether they serve internal or external customers,  is ultimately in the service business? What can you do at your workplace to remind people that a key component of teamwork is simply providing “great service” to the rest of the team?   ================================================================

Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

If you want to encourage health and wellness in your workplace

(and I know you do) then how inviting and how much fun is it

for your employees to choose the stairs over the elevator or

escalators? Encourage people to use the stairs: paint the walls

bright colors; paint words of encouragement on each step;

post fun, motivational quotes on each landing; translate the

number of steps into calories lost; name each flight of stairs

something wacky; name each flight of stairs after a deserving

employee as an honor; name each flight of stairs after one of

your core values; number the stairs so people are encouraged

to count along as they climb; hold a “Take the Stairs” theme

week; put a humor bulletin board on every third landing; put

funny posters in the elevators that remind people they could

have taken the stairs; and lastly, play “Stairway to Heaven”

by Led Zeppelin in the elevators (this one is just common

sense anyways).


Deep Thought of the Week

Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that’s

falling off the table you always knock something else over?


It’s a Wacky World

Being a Scorpio myself, I have to let you know that tomorrow,

November 18, is “Married to a Scorpio Support Day.” So good luck

with that all you Scorpio supporters.

And Friday, November 19, is “Have a Bad Day Day.” So here’s

hoping you DON’T celebrate this Friday!


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