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Humor at Work: What’s the Meaning of All This?

1. What’s the Meaning of All This?

Yet another survey, this one involving 100,000 people from 34
different countries, found that for many people, finding meaning
at work trumps money. The survey by Kelly Global Workforce found
58% of Canadians and 43% of Americans were willing to take less
money or a lesser role at work in order to do work they found
more “meaningful”. Now everyone has a different meaning of
“meaningful,” so it’s important to keep asking ourselves and the
folks around us those critical questions: “What makes you feel
good about your work?”, “When do you feel most motivated?”, “When
do you feel like you are making the best use of your talents” and
“What gives you the biggest sense of accomplishment and meaning
in your day to day work?”
2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

The “A-List” and “Celeb-4-a-Day” companies in Los Angeles provide
the opportunity for folks to feel like a pampered celebrity
for a day, complete with limos, burly bodyguards and paparazzi.
So try this out at your workplace: create a “celebrity for a day”
day for different employees. Then roll out a red carpet before the
next staff meeting, post their photo on a wall of fame, imprint
their hands in your very own walk of fame, or feature them
in your marketing campaigns with your customers.
3. Quote of the Week

“If you want to thrive and remain competitive in a workplace that
is changing radically and relentlessly, you need the fluidity and
flexibility of humor.” C.W. Metcalf
4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

In a quest to find a new sponsor, French pole vaulting champion
Romain Mesnil ran naked with his pole through the streets of
Paris, then posted the video on the internet.

Have fun. Stand out from the herd. But please, don’t run naked.

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