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Humor at Work: Workplace Spirit Boosted by Humor in the Workplace

Humor at Work, May 26, 2010 Issue 353 ==================================================================

How’s Your Spirit Working for You?

One of the definitions of spirit is “the enthusiasm and loyalty

somebody feels through belonging to a group.” Now spirit may seem

like a trite or cliché term to talk about workplace culture, yet

many of the most successful organizations in the world would rank

high on a “spirit scale.”

Southwest Airlines, one of the most successful airlines in the

world, uses the phrase “Southwest Spirit” to embody three principle

workplace values:

– Work can be fun, it can be play – so enjoy it!

– Work is important – do not spoil it with seriousness.

– People are important – each one makes a difference.

SWA uses “Southwest Spirit” as a shorthand reminder and a guiding

light as to how people should behave at work.

So how would you rank the level of spirit in your workplace? How

would you summarize or define the spirit that lives in your



Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Try out this fun idea that one workplace does every week: “Third

Person Thursdays”, wherein everyone speaks about themselves in the

third person all day. (So if you were fortunate enough to have me

as one of your colleagues, I would say, “Wow, Mike is looking forward

to lunch today.) Or you can try it as a theme for one of your

regular workplace meetings. (Caution: I probably wouldn’t do this

with your clients unless you know them really, really well.)


Quote of the Week

“The first law of humor is that things can be funny only when we

are in fun.” Max Eastman


It’s a Wacky World

A couple of upcoming days you should be aware of: this Sunday is

“Hug Your Cat” day. And next Tuesday is “Say Something Nice Day.”

Of course, you could combine the two and say something nice to your

cat while you hug it. And, although I don’t want to overburden you,

you could always start saying something nice today and get a

jump on the crowd.


Copyright Michael Kerr, 2010

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