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Humor at Work: Yes We CAN, Can’t We? November 19, 2008

1. Yes We Can, Can’t We?

A few weeks ago I was speaking in Washington, D.C. at the same

time the U.S. election was on, and I found myself outside the

White House at 1:00 a.m., listening to people yell out “Yes We

Can!” in time to cars honking to the same beat. Three simple

words that are hard to argue with (what are you going to say in

response? “No, um, not really! I don’t think we can!”). Now in

this style-over-substance world we are drifting towards,

it is easy to decry “Yes We Can!” as a shallow, empty, slogan.

Yet it’s hard to deny the power of simple slogan to define a

brand or inspire people when the slogan truly captures a

certain spirit or unites people in a common cause.

Having walked many an office hallway, I’ve seen similar slogans

plastered on posters, and wondered to myself if people find the

words cheesy and empty, or uplifting and empowering? The answer

likely depends on how effectively the slogan has been used, the

common understanding of what the slogan really means, and whether

or not the workplace is living up to the words. Actions speak

louder than words. Talk is cheap. But, if delivered effectively,

with conviction, backed up by substance, can a catchy, fun slogan

or two inspire your troops around a new cause or a specific

workplace value? Yes, yes it can!


2. Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

If you want to make your meetings more effective and more fun,

then create a mock security entrance table where participants are

required to leave behind any and all electronic devises that

threaten to distract and annoy meeting participants. But that only

removes the obvious distractions, so before starting the meeting

also ask the question: “Before we begin, is there anything else

that is going to distract/derail/annoy attendees?” to make sure

there are no other physical OR mental distractions that might

prevent attendees from being focused in the here and now.


3. Deep Thought of the Week

“The problems of the world today seems so complex. . . that even

teenagers don’t have all the answers.”  Anonymous


4. It’s a Wacky, Wacky, World

As seen on an office sign: “FOR ANYONE WHO HAS CHILDREN AND



Copyright Michael Kerr, 2008.

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