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Humor at Work: You’re HILARIOUS Boss!

“Beware of underlings who laugh at your jokes,” warned four

Star General Schwarzkopf, who went on to note that he became

much funnier with each promotion through the ranks. Sounds like

a Dilbert cartoon. But it raises an interesting thought. We know

that we laugh for many different reasons that go beyond finding

something funny. We laugh in awkward situations to diffuse

tension, we laugh to be included in a group, and we laugh when

we want to suck up to four star generals. So when employees

laugh at inappropriate humor in the workplace, it may not always

be because they found it funny, but because they feel they had

no choice but to laugh. We need to be aware of reading not only

the hidden messages delivered in some punch lines, but also be

sensitive to the sometimes hidden reasons that people laugh.

(There’s also “pity laughter” which is something I occasionally

receive in my presentations. I’m not proud. I’ll take it.)


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

The Saskatchewan Roughriders football team have some of the

most loyal fans you’ll find anywhere in the sports world, so

it’s fitting that they would have some fun with a “Take the

Riders Oath” campaign, where fans can recite, with hand over

heart, an oath to be a loyal fan and to demonstrate rider-fan

appropriate behavior. So try your own take on this. Create a

fun pledge or oath that your fanatical customers can sign

on to. Or create one for your new employees or new team

members to help remind them of your core values in a fun way.


Quote of the Week

“A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting

along with people, of getting things done.” Dwight D. Eisenhower


It’s a Wacky World

The winner of the “most creative dish” at the State Fair of Texas

was awarded to a dish featuring fried bubblegum – a marshmallow

dipped in pink batter, fried and topped with blue icing and

Chiclets. (I think a prize should have been awarded to the first

person to eat this dish…)


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