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Humor in the Workplace Reveals Hidden Truths

To Tell You the Truth, A Little Humor Helps

One of the many reasons humor is so powerful as a communication

tool is it can give people the cover to say uncomfortable truths

they might otherwise keep to themselves. Which is why leaders need

to always listen between the punch lines and learn from even the

most subversive humor practiced in the workplace.

There are other fun and creative outlets that can achieve this

same goal. When teams perform a company skit, create an “ad” that

represents their workplace culture, paints their values on a giant

wall, or spoofs a late night talk show, hidden truths and invaluable

insights are often revealed. As long as somebody is listening!


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip:

And speaking of using creative outlets of expression, it’s official

“Limerick Day” today! I know, I’m excited too! So hold a contest

for the best work-related limerick in your workplace. (Go to for your basic limerick primer).


Quote of the Week

And speaking of poems: “A clown is a poet in action.” Henry Miller


It’s a Wacky World

And speaking of clowns: a Swiss actor is laughing all the way to the

bank with his Evil Clown service. This is so creepy. He contacts the

birthday boy/girl “victim” and tells them they are being watched, and

taunts them with phone calls, texts and even booby-trapped letters

warning the kids they are going to get a cake smunched into their

face some time during their birthday party. Aren’t clowns scary

enough already? I’m a little creeped out just thinking about this.

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