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Humor Me for Better Workplace Relationships

Humor Me

A study by State University of New York involving drinking straws,

made-up languages and learning new dance steps resulted in findings

that yet again reveal the importance of bringing more humor into

our workplaces. The result of this unconventional study found that

the partners who participated in a shared humor experience felt significantly

closer to their partners and also found them more attractive! Perhaps this is

why teams that laugh together also tend to work well together in a cohesive manner?

In case you want to try this as a teambuilding event, here’s a

few of the exercises the “humor” participants did. One person had

to listen to dance instructions while blindfolded, receiving the instructions from

their partner who was holding a straw between

their lips as a way to make their voice sound funny. In another

exercise, they had to act out their favorite TV commercial using a

made up language. The other half of the human guinea pigs did

similar exercises but without the forced hilarity (no blindfolds,

funny voices or made up language).


Mike’s Fun at Work Tip

Tired of all those e-mail jokes filling up your inbox? An Israeli

company solved the problem by setting up a “Joke Space” repository

on their Intranet where anyone who needed a laugh could check it

out safely. The Intranet humor space resulted in less e-mail

traffic and less offensive humor being spread around the office.


Quote of the Week

“It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say,

and then don’t say it.” Sam Levenson


It’s a Wacky World

Travelodge staff, after reuniting 75,000 wayward bears with their

owners, discovered than 1 in 4 men travel with a stuffed teddy

bear. That’s just so darned cute I don’t think I can bear it!


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