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  • Work Environments That Yield High Employee Satisfaction (Guest Blog)

    A 2014 study by the University of Warwick economics department found that happy workers were 12 percent more productive than employees who disliked their jobs. The study, published in the Journal of Labor Economics, is reportedly the first of its kind to find direct causal evidence linking happiness and higher productivity at work.

    It behooves all business owners to invest in employees satisfaction to maximize profits. But the commitment to making workers happy doesn’t necessarily have to cost money. Several companies have written the blueprints for worker satisfaction, high productivity and profits over the years.

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  • Speaking Up! Encouraging More Open, Honest Communication in Your Workplace

    A series of Harvard Business Review articles looked at the phenomenon of “organizational silence”: Employees withholding information that could be of value to the organization. The researchers found that managers often under appreciate the tremendous cost of organizational silence. Many managers wrongly assume that if employees are talking to them then they must not be holding back on anything. But the researchers found that 42% of employees who spoke up about problems or offered ideas also withheld important information, for two primary reasons: they felt it was a waste of time or they feared the personal consequences. So what can a workplace do to encourage more open and honest communication? A few thoughts…

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  • Unique & Appropriate Baby Gifts for Workplace Showers (Guest Blog)

    Throwing a baby shower for a fellow employee is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and celebrate the impending arrival of their baby. Great gifts are a cornerstone of a good baby shower celebration. They offer a message of excitement, embracing the positive new changes that are about to come. If your coworker is celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby, consider the following employee-to-employee gifts for mom and baby:

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  • The Power of Happy Hour: Going From Work to Play (Guest Blog)

    Closed deals and increasing sales may drive revenue, but a harmonious company culture is essential for business prosperity. Great company culture can be built outside the conference rooms and office walls; actually, it can be built at the bar. Five o’clock happy hour is more than just an excuse for co-workers to booze it up and munch on appetizers. This post-work company function (and ahem, networking event) helps cultivate an engaged, compatible team. A happy hour connects employees and leaders on a different level, some of whom don’t typically interact on a 9-to-5 basis. Reply “yes” to the happy hour invitation and approach the work-social scene as an opportunity to connect with your co-workers, be seen as a team player and most importantly, have a good time.

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  • Why Do You Work? What’s Your Compelling Workplace Mission?

    The book, Mavericks at Work, by William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre, shows how a compelling sense of purpose in your work is critical if you want to stay energized.

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  • Ways to Celebrate Last Year’s Work Highlights

    Don’t overlook the importance of trumpeting last year’s successes in your workplace and career. Taking the time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished is an effective way to motivate employees, instill a sense of pride and gratitude in the workplace and build momentum for the year ahead. 

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  • All Work and Some Play: 3 Apps for Success on the Job (Guest Blog)

    According to a 2011 Gallup poll, 71 percent of workers are disengaged at work. A Shift Index survey reported that 80 percent of workers don’t like their jobs. In order for all employees — from CEO to office assistant — to thrive in the workplace there needs to be transparency, communication, benefits beyond bonuses and a major cutback on emails and meetings. Try implementing these workplace apps into the office for a happier and more productive environment:

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  • Celebrate the Year’s Highlights in Your Workplace

    A simple but effective team meeting to hold before you break for the year. Have everyone on your team share their:

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  • Random Workplace and Humor Musings & Trivia

    It’s time for another edition of “Completely Random Musings”:

    Even the CIA managed to deploy some humor in their very first Twitter post:”We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”
    Real leaders are never afraid to say, “I don’t know” and “I need help.”

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  • Teaching Company Culture to New Employees Webinar

    It’s very clear that culture drives success, in any organization. I’ve interviewed hundreds of inspiring leaders around the globe and asked them a very simple question: What’s been a bigger factor in your success – culture or strategy? 95% have answered culture. No matter how good your strategy, you need a great culture to be able to execute that strategy.

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