• Celebrate the Year’s Highlights in Your Workplace

    A simple but effective team meeting to hold before you break for the year. Have everyone on your team share their:

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  • Random Workplace and Humor Musings & Trivia

    It’s time for another edition of “Completely Random Musings”:

    Even the CIA managed to deploy some humor in their very first Twitter post:”We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”
    Real leaders are never afraid to say, “I don’t know” and “I need help.”

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  • Teaching Company Culture to New Employees Webinar

    It’s very clear that culture drives success, in any organization. I’ve interviewed hundreds of inspiring leaders around the globe and asked them a very simple question: What’s been a bigger factor in your success – culture or strategy? 95% have answered culture. No matter how good your strategy, you need a great culture to be able to execute that strategy.

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  • Infograph: 9 Simple Conversation Hacks

    Brought to you by:

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  • Celebrate Your Rising Stars

    Two weeks ago (aah, those were good times) I wrote about the need to honor your workplace veterans, but what about the employees just starting out? Humor at Work subscriber Alex Castley, from the Integris Credit Union in north central B.C., was recently honored as the “Next Top Credit Union Executive” from a field of more than 100 nominees (congratulations Alex!).

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  • After-Work Activities That Guarantee a Happy, More Productive Employee

    Guest Blog courtesy of Social Monsters: It’s Wednesday, your employees are looking a little ragged, and it’s only the middle of the week. As an employer, you try to keep your employees morale up around the workplace by offering incentives, bonuses and accolades. But what about after work?

    Rather than have everybody meet up for happy hour each day, try one or more of the after-work activities listed below. By doing so, you’ll have happier employees and better work performance, guaranteed.

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  • Switching on the Leadership Switches

    When I ask audience members how many leaders are in the room, typically about 20% of the hands go up. I’ll then explain that it was, of course, a trick question. Every hand in the room should go up because everyone is potentially a leader.

    One of Southwest Airline’s leadership slogans reminds their leaders that they are “Leaders leading leaders.” Great organizations understand that true leadership has nothing to do with position or power, and everything to do with character and the ability to influence the people around them. There are leaders at every level and in every type of job. 

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  • Five Points to Ponder Before Putting Humor to Work

    If you want to brand your business (or yourself) with humor or add some humor to a presentation or to your customer service mix, here’s a checklist of sorts to consider:

    1. First, Do No Wrong. Great advice for doctors or would-be corporate jesters. Make sure the humor you use is laughing with people, not at people. Laugh at yourself, not in a, “I’m a loser” kind of way, but in a way that lets people know you don’t take yourself overly seriously. Stay clear of political, ethnic, gender or sex-based humor. Remember that having permission to use more humor at work is not permission to act like a jackass, a bore, or a jerk. It doesn’t give you license to offend or humiliate people, or disparage their character. It’s about being more human, having a bigger heart, and demonstrating greater humility.

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  • Are You Driven By Fun? Changing Behaviors, Inspiring Habits

    Trying to change a behavior or create new habits at work or in your personal life? Here are seven ideas that might help…

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  • Building a Zombie-Free Workplace

    Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to ask the question: “How scary is your workplace?” So gather your team around the office campfire, break out the marshmallows, and consider the following…

    1. Do you work in a culture where people are afraid to be themselves? A workplace where everyone is encouraged to talk like zombies and wear professional masks all day that hide their true character? Inspiring workplaces excel at creating a relaxed atmosphere where people feel like they can bring their authentic selves to work every day.

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