• The Leader as Guide: Lessons Learned While on an African Safari

    I was recently on safari in South Africa and Botswana, and our aptly named guide Moses reminded me of a few key traits that truly inspiring leaders need to possess.

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  • 22 Fun Ways to Celebrate Those Fun, Wacky Holidays and Theme Days into Your Workplace: No Pants? No Problem!

    I recently had someone ask me about the “appropriateness” of celebrating some of the offbeat theme days I refer to from time to time in an office setting.

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  • Speaking of Funny Business: Would It Kill You to Smile?

    As a business speaker who speaks on the role of humor in leadership and business and the importance of building a strong workplace culture, I am continually amazed at the number of senior business people who still take themselves so seriously.

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  • Customer Service with a Smile, and Some Humor

    Great customer service isn’t about blindly smiling at the customer and pulling the string to recite a scripted response that sounds forced and unnatural (as hilariously mocked in an old Saturday Night Live skit with Helen Hunt and David Spade playing cynical flight attendants saying, “And bye-bye” to all the departing passengers).

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  • Does Your Job Measure Up?

    A survey of senior leaders revealed a disconnect between what leaders think motivates employees vs. what actually motivates them. 95% of the leaders in the survey felt that “supporting progress” was the least most important factor in employee engagement, whereas all the research suggests the opposite is true: Supporting progress at work is one of the most important things a leader can do to motivate employees. (This is why many white collar workers who shift over to blue collar jobs report being much happier in their new jobs. As they often remark, “You can actually see what you’ve accomplished at the end of the work day – it’s tangible.”) 

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  • Offbeat Theme Days & Wacky, Fun Holidays for May to Celebrate in Your Workplace

    Here’s a list of just some of the fun, wacky, offbeat and not-so-wacky holidays and theme days for the month of May, 2017. Celebrating these, recognizing these theme days is a very simple way to bring a little fun and humor into your workplace. For some ideas on how to make use of some of these fun holidays go to:  Ways to Celebrate Fun Holidays in the Workplace

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  • Seriously, What DOES She Do All Day? Guest blog post by Kelly Batke, Jostle Corporation

    Admit it. At some point in your career you’ve worked alongside someone who appears to do absolutely nothing all day.

    You are aware they were hired, and sometimes you even know their job title, but when it comes to their actual tasks or accomplishments you have no idea. And sometimes neither do they.

    Role clarity is critical. Not just for employees, but for an entire company. Employees with clearly defined roles are much more likely to be engaged with their work and their organization—which ultimately leads to stronger business results. If role clarity isn’t properly defined or communicated it can quickly escalate into misalignment of corporate objectives.

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  • Workplace Recognition: Giving Thanks for the Thanks!

    A friend of mine, a small business owner who does a fabulous job at constantly recognizing his contractors and often surprising them with bonus gifts, complained to me recently that an employee never thanked him after receiving a surprise bonus from him. Not even a quick “Cool, thanks!” e-mail from him. Nothing. Zippo! Nada! 

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  • What Bert and Ernie Can Teach us About Conflict at Work, Guest Blog by Kelly Batke, Jostle Corporation

    At some point almost all of us have had that moment in the workplace where we wanted to strangle the person sitting next to us. Getting along with everyone isn’t always easy; especially when quirks and mannerisms get in the way.

    Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie are a classic example of how opposite personalities can effectively coexist in a small environment. They fought and bickered, yet they always found a way to remain friends.

    Most likely in your workplace you have a Bert and Ernie. Or, maybe YOU are a Bert or Ernie. So what can we learn about conflict resolution from the colorful duo?

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  • The VCR Approach to Building a Stronger, More Inspiring Workplace Culture

    If you want a key, overarching value to become immersed into your workplace, such as safety, innovation or customer service, focus in on these three broad goals:

    1. VISIBILITY: You need to remind people on an on-going, day-to-day basis of how important this value is so that it’s top of mind and it becomes second nature. Create a short, fun, catchy slogan and then use it everywhere: on posters, in your meeting rooms, on badges, on paycheck stubs, on e-mail signatures, on t-shirts, on stickers, on bumper stickers and on the back doors of washroom cubicles. Create a mascot that reminds people of the value. Make it the first thing people see when they fire up their computers.   

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