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  • Sunday Night Sleeplessness

    Any guess as to what night of the week insomnia levels peak?

    Yes, Sunday night sleeplessness is, according to surveys,

    rampant. Which reminds me of the dread so many of us felt as

    kids at the thought of returning to school. Today, some of

    those same anxious kids are now anxious adults in bigger

    clothing. But surely now we’re anxious over entirely different

    issues? Such as …

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  • Create a Teamwork Charter

    Ask all the people on your team to define teamwork and you’ll likely come up with as many definitions as there are members of your team.

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  • Got the Sunday night blahs? Maybe it’s your workplace culture?

    An article in the newspaper this week reported on how the incidence of insomnia in restless sleepers peaks on Sunday evenings. 

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  • Why aren’t you using more humor in your communications?

    The next time you meet with your team ask everyone a simple question:  “What’s their favorite TV commercial right now?” or try, “What TV ads stand out in your mind from the last year?”

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  • Humor and Optimism

    There’s a perception I think that having a healthy sense of humor is sometimes associated with blind optimism. 

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  • Can humor make you a better negotiator?

    Whether it’s pitching an idea to your team, divvying up the

    workload on a project or haggling over your teenager’s request

    for an allowance raise, we all negotiate far more often than

    we probably realize. So the question is, can a little humour

    help our case?

    A study described in the book, “Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven

    Ways to Be Persuasive” by Steven J. Martin, showed how …

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  • Small Humor, Big Humor

    Some researchers who study humor (yes, they do exist!) and report their findings in the International Journal of Humor Research make an important distinction between two types of humor.

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  • L’esprit de l’escalier

    I recently emceed the convention for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.  Emceeing a convention definitely requires a specific skill set. And emceeing an event that includes a room full of your peers, and not just any peers, a roomful of professional speakers, requires, perhaps a thick skin.

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  • Learning to be Creative

    According to a study by Harvard Business professor Clayton

    Christensen, 80% of a person’s creativity is a learned or

    acquired skill. In other words, as I’ve been trying to tell

    you oh-so-often, creativity is not something you are just

    born with. It’s not magical. It’s not something either you

    have or don’t have. So, what are you doing to remind yourself

    and your team on a …

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  • Redundant? We Treat our Computers Better than our Employees!

    I recently heard yet another story of an employee telling me how she had been labelled as officially “redundant.” 

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