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  • Humor Helps Messages Go Viral

    Terry O’Reilly,  legendary advertising guru and host of the fabulous CBC radio program “The Age of Persuasion” once said, “Viral videos can become word of mouse.”

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  • Quick, Totally Awesome (and Creative) Management Ideas

    A great guest blog on Humor at Work from Aaron McDaniel (aka “Mr. Business”) is the author of the Young Professional’s Edge blog (YP Edge). He is a corporate director, entrepreneur, public speaker, community volunteer, author and avid world traveler. He has experience in sales, customer care, marketing, operations, strategy and business development and has managed over 110 different direct reports and organizations as large as 60 at a Fortune 50 company. Ready more from Aaron@

    In a corporate world full of rules and policies and responsibilities it is refreshing when creativity prevails. Besides the novelty of doing something differently than the drones of corporate managers out there, bringing in new management strategies and unique approaches to problem-solving can be incredibly effective.

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  • Creative Solutions Require a “YES” Mentality

    There’s a theater improv game called, “Yes and!” in which two participants tell a story together, with each participant using the bridging phrase “Yes, and…” as a way of building on each others ideas.

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  • Why do some managers get no response to their humor?

    Here’s a common humor in the workplace question I received from a long-time e-zine subscriber:

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  • Why not a humor coach?

    Many executives and supervisors of all ages and experience levels are turning to coaches or mentoring programs for personal and professional development.  So why not consider getting a humor coach?

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  • Sunday Night Sleeplessness

    Any guess as to what night of the week insomnia levels peak?

    Yes, Sunday night sleeplessness is, according to surveys,

    rampant. Which reminds me of the dread so many of us felt as

    kids at the thought of returning to school. Today, some of

    those same anxious kids are now anxious adults in bigger

    clothing. But surely now we’re anxious over entirely different

    issues? Such as …

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  • Create a Teamwork Charter

    Ask all the people on your team to define teamwork and you’ll likely come up with as many definitions as there are members of your team.

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  • Got the Sunday night blahs? Maybe it’s your workplace culture?

    An article in the newspaper this week reported on how the incidence of insomnia in restless sleepers peaks on Sunday evenings. 

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  • Why aren’t you using more humor in your communications?

    The next time you meet with your team ask everyone a simple question:  “What’s their favorite TV commercial right now?” or try, “What TV ads stand out in your mind from the last year?”

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  • Humor and Optimism

    There’s a perception I think that having a healthy sense of humor is sometimes associated with blind optimism. 

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