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  • Customer Service: Would You Like a Side of Empathy With That?

    Do your employees understand the importance of expressing empathy to your customers when required?

    My wife and I just returned from a speaking trip in another country. The trip turned into an epic adventure involving delayed flights, missed connections, missing baggage, and yes, more delayed flights. Some of it was weather related, some issues were mechanical, sometimes we were waiting …

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  • Employees’ Families are Part of Your Support Team

    We recently celebrated Family Day in my home province of Alberta. The holiday is intended as a day for people to spend time with their family, which reminded me of the role families play in businesses. Inspiring workplaces recognize that families matter and that the families of employees are part of their support team.

    Consider the impact work has on your …

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  • Cost Savings to Book Michael Kerr

    Here are some upcoming cost saving opportunities to book international Hall of Fame business speaker and author Michael Kerr for your organization or event: Okanagan Valley: We have a special “need to see Mom” on-going rate! michael-kerr-large. Winnipeg, Manitoba: April 28

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  • Boosting Happiness as Easy as One, Two, Three!

    I’ve lost track of the number of studies that demonstrate that if you want to get the biggest happiness boost from your hard earned paychecks, it pays to spend your money on experiences, rather than material possessions. Going on a vacation, eating out, taking tuba lessons, or going to a play offer far greater returns on happiness than buying material …

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  • To Do or Not to Do? That is the Question

    Although I always suggest face-to-face communication above all else, at times you may want to consider this: If you have some news that you think someone will need time to digest, then send them an e-mail first and arrange a meeting for an hour or two later so they’ve had time to properly

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  • What Are Your House Rules?

    I had a fabulous breakfast the other morning at the Beltliner Diner in Calgary, Alberta. And what made it that much more fabulous was their sign listing their House Rules:

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  • Miles of Smiles Creates an Inspiring Workplace

    Barry Williams likes to mix a lot of humor into his workplaces. As the former manager of Barney’s Motel in Brandon, Manitoba, he created a fly bounty to get people laughing over flies in the motel rooms, added hilarious slogans to his highway sign, and incorporated humor into his help wanted ads.

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  • Celebrating Individuality Helps Drive Success

    Here’s how Kimpton Hotels promotes it’s careers on-line: “Are you creative, passionate and entrepreneurial? Are you MacGyver–like in your ability to solve problems with a little ingenuity (and perhaps some duct tape)? Well then, we like you already! For us, this business is not about building

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  • Five Ways to Add Humor to Your E-mail Messages

    Encourage people to read them by using creative subject lines that mimic song titles, newspaper headlines, or breaking news reports. Add a humorous quote to your signature file, such as,”How can you make coffee until you’ve had coffee?” Molly Cox

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  • Staying Optimistic, Productive & Focused at Work

    Research by Six Seconds found that optimists scored 18% higher on employee evaluations – yet one more reason to train your brain to be more optimistic. The on-line shoe business Zappos purposely closed down one entrance to their headquarters to force everyone to funnel through the same

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