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  • What Are Your House Rules?

    I had a fabulous breakfast the other morning at the Beltliner Diner in Calgary, Alberta. And what made it that much more fabulous was their sign listing their House Rules:

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  • Miles of Smiles Creates an Inspiring Workplace

    Barry Williams likes to mix a lot of humor into his workplaces. As the former manager of Barney’s Motel in Brandon, Manitoba, he created a fly bounty to get people laughing over flies in the motel rooms, added hilarious slogans to his highway sign, and incorporated humor into his help wanted ads.

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  • Celebrating Individuality Helps Drive Success

    Here’s how Kimpton Hotels promotes it’s careers on-line: “Are you creative, passionate and entrepreneurial? Are you MacGyver–like in your ability to solve problems with a little ingenuity (and perhaps some duct tape)? Well then, we like you already! For us, this business is not about building

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  • Five Ways to Add Humor to Your E-mail Messages

    Encourage people to read them by using creative subject lines that mimic song titles, newspaper headlines, or breaking news reports. Add a humorous quote to your signature file, such as,”How can you make coffee until you’ve had coffee?” Molly Cox

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  • Staying Optimistic, Productive & Focused at Work

    Research by Six Seconds found that optimists scored 18% higher on employee evaluations – yet one more reason to train your brain to be more optimistic. The on-line shoe business Zappos purposely closed down one entrance to their headquarters to force everyone to funnel through the same

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  • Take a Break for Mind and Body Fitness

    If you are feeling snowed under by competing demands, short on patience and left with low energy at work, you aren’t alone. In 2012, an Ipsos Reid survey of over 6,600 Canadian workers, conducted on behalf of the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace (The Centre), found that more than half of the respondents

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  • Workplace Communication: Are You Accessible AND Approachable?

    I’ve been doing some political door knocking for our federal election, which has given me a chance to practice my ability to suss out which dogs are approachable and which ones are, well, not so much. Of course some dogs are all bark and no bite, while others that seem

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  • Offbeat Employee Recognition Awards

    There really is no end to what you can recognize people for at work. And more and more companies are creating fun, offbeat awards as a way to inject some humor, boost morale, and create a culture of appreciation all at the same time. Here are some real-life awards from companies from around the world:

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  • Power Hours and Think Weeks

    Time for another round of random thoughts, ideas and musings…

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  • My Boss is Driving Me Batty! And Here’s Why!

    Here’s a recent Harris Poll reported in Harvard Business Review that reveals the top complaints employees have about their leaders:

    #1: Leaders not recognizing employees’ achievements (63%)

    #2. Not receiving clear direction from leaders (57%)

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