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  • Take a Break for Mind and Body Fitness

    If you are feeling snowed under by competing demands, short on patience and left with low energy at work, you aren’t alone. In 2012, an Ipsos Reid survey of over 6,600 Canadian workers, conducted on behalf of the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace (The Centre), found that more than half of the respondents

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  • Workplace Communication: Are You Accessible AND Approachable?

    I’ve been doing some political door knocking for our federal election, which has given me a chance to practice my ability to suss out which dogs are approachable and which ones are, well, not so much. Of course some dogs are all bark and no bite, while others that seem

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  • Offbeat Employee Recognition Awards

    There really is no end to what you can recognize people for at work. And more and more companies are creating fun, offbeat awards as a way to inject some humor, boost morale, and create a culture of appreciation all at the same time. Here are some real-life awards from companies from around the world:

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  • Power Hours and Think Weeks

    Time for another round of random thoughts, ideas and musings…

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  • My Boss is Driving Me Batty! And Here’s Why!

    Here’s a recent Harris Poll reported in Harvard Business Review that reveals the top complaints employees have about their leaders:

    #1: Leaders not recognizing employees’ achievements (63%)

    #2. Not receiving clear direction from leaders (57%)

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  • Four Fun Lessons from a Fun Restaurant

    My wife and I recently enjoyed a fabulous meal at a funky little restaurant in the town of Field, nestled in the Canadian Rockies just a skip and a long hop down the road from Lake Louise. In addition to the amazing food, The Truffle Pigs Bistro (and what a great name that is) does a few simple things to connect with its customers and add a little charm.

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  • Act Your Way to A Better Mood

    I worked with someone a long time ago who never smiled. Whenever he said something remotely positive I always wanted to say to him, “Why don’t you tell your face!” As it turns out – not bad advice for all us!

    Here are three scientifically proven ways to give yourself a happiness boost at work in just a few minutes, according to research presented in the book “59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot” by Richard Wiseman:

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  • For Better Ideas, Insights… Sleep On it!

    Ernest Hemingway believed that you should always end your writing for the day with an unfinished sentence, such as, “She threw open the windows only to find…” Leave your writing hanging in mid-sentence and then sleep on it, he suggested, so that you’ll know where to pick up the next morning, but also so your subconscious can work on it, perhaps even dream about it, overnight. Research suggests Hemingway’s advice was bang on.

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  • Throwing a Company Party at Your Home: What to Do and What to Avoid

    Intuit polled its readers to find out their worst company parties, and the answers included a story about a frat house run amok where co-workers made out, a door was broken, people got in screaming fights and someone walked in on the sales director while urinating. It’s all fun and games until someone gets walked in on going to the bathroom.

    Let’s handle the most important thing first. To plan a successful company-sponsored event, put up signs designated where the bathroom is. Next, cover a few basics about safety, legalities and alcohol. But perhaps most importantly, you need to plan a civilized and incredibly fun experience that your staff will be buzzing about for months.

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  • How Is Your Workplace Doing?

    You’ve likely read some of the articles coming out that are highly critical of Amazon’s workplace culture. My friend Merge Gupta-Sunderji wrote a great article in the Globe and Mail newspaper that summarizes the issue: Amazon’s leaders are so relentlessly focused on results (the “what”) that they forgot all about “the how.” As I’ve said at least a gazallion times, workplace culture is all about the how: How you do the things you do. And if you ignore the how, it’s just a matter of time before things do deeply off the rails.

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