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I Need a Vacation from My Vacation!

A European study found that 23% of vacationers noticed no difference in how rested they were when they returned from their time away; an astounding 17% actually reported feeling worse!  This is likely why you hear so many people grumble about needing a vacation to recover after their vacation. The line between our personal lives and work lives is exceedingly thin. Our work has a huge impact on our personal lives; our personal lives effect our work lives. What happens on our vacations, or during any of our off time, can have an enormous impact on our stress at work, creativity, productivity and overall happiness.  

So when it comes to your vacation, are you ensuring there’s enough real rest and relaxation time? Are you managing expectations and communicating effectively about what your priorities are during your time off? 

This is especially critical if it’s an “obli-cation” (as my friend calls it) where you visit family on your holidays. Can you build in a cushion of an extra day off between your vacation and returning to the office?

And if you want to bring a healthier perspective into the workplace and have more fun at work, are you actively nurturing your sense of humor and having enough fun in your personal life as you possibly can? 

Copyright Michael Kerr, 2013.   Michael Kerr is a Hall of Fame business speaker and very funny Canadian motivational speaker.  For inspiring ideas on building a better workplace, sign up for the free weekly e-zine Humor at Work.   

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