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IBM Meets The Office?

IBM, good old “Big Blue”, conjures up terms such as conservative, CORPORATE or staid. But what about self-deprecating? Humble? Hilariously funny? What if I told you that Comedy Central chose a series of on-line videos posted by IBM as one of their “staff favorites”? 

Taking a page from the sitcom The Office, IBM produced a series of self-deprecating,”mockumentary” style videos. The Art of the Sales video series were shot in-house using IBM employees in only a day and a half. The hilarious, deadpan videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on-line, translated into several different languages, been shown by other companies at their sales conferences and have garnered free publicity for IBM in numerous media outlets. By showing they can laugh at themselves, the videos have boosted employee morale, softened IBM’s image and put a more human face on the company.  A fabulous lesson for any organization.

Michael Kerr, Humor at Work.  Michael is a Hall of Fame international; business speaker, trainer and author.  To book Michael to energize your event or workplace, reach our office at





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