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Ideas at Work: Leap BEFORE You Look?

Mom always reminded me to, “Look before you leap.”

But what if this advice isn’t always the best? Are there times when you should leap before you look?According to Peter Sims, the author of “Little Bets – How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries” this is exactly what highly creative people and highly innovative companies often do – leap, then look. In other words, they “do things in order to discover what to do.” They share prototypes of products early on with customers to see what direction they should be headed in, they start projects without knowing where the finish line is, they dive into something before they have a 100% perfect plan in place.

Their philosophy is to move forward with a series of small wins, not just because small wins help mobilize and energize people, but because their belief is that no matter how long you plan something on paper, the best way to see where you will really need to go is to get out there and, well, go!

So on this bonus leap day take some time to consider if there’s any new initiatives in your workplace or your life that could benefit by taking a leap into the unknown.


Michael Kerr, 2012,

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