Inspiring Questions for Inspiring Workplaces

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365 inspiring and provocative questions that will help you break the ice at your next meeting,  build your team, generate lively discussion, and brainstorm creative ideas to help you build your business, improve your workplace culture, improve employee motivation and morale,  enhance communication, engage employees and spark more creativity at work.

The introduction also delves into the art of asking questions, including why, when, who and how to ask questions in the workplace.  The questions are divided into 9 subject areas, including the significance of work,  workplace culture,  workplace values,  workplace communication, customer service,  employee motivation and fun in the workplace,  creativity in the workplace,  coaching questions and questions designed to help each other to get to know each other better.   60 pages long,  365 questions, with a list of ideas on how you can make effective use of the book to help you build a stronger, more inspiring workplace.

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