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Inspiring Workplace Seeks Inspiring Employees! Must be Highly Motivated!

I was reading a half-page classified ad in the paper today, advertising for a position with my former, long ago employer in the government.  As I read, I laughed harder and harder at the Utopian workplace that was being offered up to prospective employees, because there was absolutely no resemblance to the reality that still exists in this very dysfunctional workplace.

Which got me thinking: I wonder what the ad would look like if the employees wrote it without any spin doctoring:

“As part of the management team you will attend countless, meaningless meetings where your ideas will be constantly shot down or ignored and work tirelessly in a fun-sucking, soul-destroying work environment . . .”

You get the drift.

Now this may sound harsh, but my point is, are you able to write an inspiring, glowing and HONEST employee help wanted ad that truly does reflect your workplace culture with no spin on it?

What if your veteran employees or customers wrote your help wanted ads, how different would the ads look?

Have a look at your help wanted ads and see if your workplace really holds up to the promise being sold to your new employees.

Copyright Michael Kerr, 2011.

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