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Is the Web Making us Funnier?

Okay, so after doing a video rant a few weeks back about how social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can become annoying distractions that take us away from real human contact,  I came across a small article that talked about one of the benefits of social network sites.  So in the interest of fair and balanced reporting (not that I’ve ever been called balanced before) . . . it seems there is one potential upside to these social networking sites: they might just be making us funnier!  Scott Brown of  Wired magazine thinks so, anyway.

Brown suggests that sites like Twitter and You Tube and Facebook bring out the budding comedian in everyone by allowing us to connect in new ways and by allowing us to use the entire world as a source of material.   These sites don’t just give us the chance to be funny, Brown suggests they FORCE us to be funny.

Seems that to be heard on the internet, it really does come down to survival of the funniest.

(And here I wrote this without being funny.  How ironic is that?  And now I feel pressure, like I have to be witty and hilariously funny, because my business is called Humor at Work, and sometimes I AM hilariously funny.  Especially when I’m naked. But right now I just don’t feel funny.   Hopefully it’s a passing thing, and I will feel funny again in the morning.  In which case I will imediately Twitter away about my funniness.)

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