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Is Your Workplace a Jungle?

In the on-going battle to attract new employees and stand out from the herd, many companies are putting more and more effort into creating a truly inspiring and/or fun physical work environment. Whether it’s fun signs, popcorn machines, ping pong tables or even karaoke machines, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to attract employees, spark creativity at work and help their employees unwind.

And then there’s the corporate headquarters of Saveology, where the 600 employees of this technology marketing company can enjoy a koi fish pond, putting green, in-house barber shop, and a basketball court. And if you think business is a jungle out there, well, Saveology agrees. Which is why they’ve even included their very own jungle – replete with macaws and monkeys (in cages of course). The hope is that by creating a fun, creative environment the Florida company will attract workers from around the country.

Considering that you spend a huge chunk of your life at work, there’s no doubt that companies should put some effort into creating a comfortable work environment. It is, after all, your home away from home, and even basic things such as accessibility to easy parking, natural light and plenty of plants can have a huge impact on people’s morale. And going a step further might indeed help attract employees, spark creativity and lower stress – as long as the physical workplace is supported by an inspiring, caring and positive culture.

As Jon Wolske, the Lead Culture Guide at Zappos, told me on my tour through Zappos’ headquarters: “Our crazy physical environment doesn’t necessarily create fun, it reflects the fact that we’re already having fun.”

Michael Kerr, September, 2012


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