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michael-kerr-largeHall of Fame motivational speaker, business speaker, trainer, and bestselling author Michael Kerr is listed as one of Canada’s most in-demand motivational speakers.  He’s a very funny, Canadian motivational business speaker who presents relevant, practical ideas and great content.  In fact, many clients have said how amazed they were that the “funny speaker” delivered more relevant content than the “serious business speakers did!”

“Many of the head office staff thought you were the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had!   Thank you for your invigorating and energizing keynote presentation.”  

Tanya Dusyk,  Territory Manager, Shell Canada

Michael uses safe, clean, sometimes outrageous humor to deliver insightful, relevant, practical and provocative ideas on how to create more inspiring workplaces – the way work OUGHT to be!

Michael is an award-winning Certified Speaking Professional, the author of six books (including Inspiring Workplaces and Putting Humor to Work), and a member of the Canadian  Speakers’ Hall of Fame.

Michael helps teams and organizations to build more inspiring workplace cultures by taking a holistic look at the workplace, to explore common workplace issues and challenges such as:

As a recovering senior manager, Michael is very focused on results.  Whether speaking to senior leaders or the entire team including front line employees, he is passionate about working with teams and organizations that are serious about taking their culture to the next level, serious about putting humor to work not just for the sake of having more fun, but to help organizations achieve better results, faster.

To get a sense of the impact Michael has on his audiences,  please take the time to read through the rave reviews listed on the web site.

And of course, if you’d like to talk with us about how Michael can help your event or your team succeed,  we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line at  and either  Michael or his lovely and talented assistant Claudine will be glad to help in any way we can.  Michael is also very connected in the speaker community, so if you feel Michael is not the best fit for your event or you are looking for speakers on other topics, he is happy to recommend other great speakers.

“Michael Kerr held the full attention of our Senior Management Team for a FOUR hour presentation – no small feat! His delivery style is highly energetic, and the information he imparts with flair and humor are applicable to everyday work situations. Mike’s approach to management is a fantastic philosophy that I have encouraged my team to carry forward since our meeting. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from the entire team, and absolutely recommend Mike’s fabulous persona without hesitation.”  Martine Rothblatt, Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics

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