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Funny Canadian Speakers

Canadian motivational speaker Michael Kerr by Canadian Motivational Speaker Michael Kerr

Why hire Canadian speakers?

Michael Kerr, one of Canada’s most in-demand motivational speakers, believes that conferences of any shape and size can benefit from hiring Canadian speakers.



Here are the top-10 reasons why:

10) Canadians are known for their healthy sense of humour (and yes, we spell it with a “u”).  In fact, our top export to the United States is comedy (Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Lorne Michaels, William Shatner…), so why not benefit from that famous clean cut, wacky Canadian sense of humour?

9) We plug in our cars, barbecue in January and have survived snow in July, so a Canadian motivational speaker will make it to any conference, any time, regardless of the weather.

8) It’s a little known fact, but Canadians smell great. (Now, I haven’t smelled ALL Canadians, but I have sampled a good many, and I can truly attest to this fact. We smell like those little pine tree air fresheners you hang from your rear view mirror.)

7) Canadian motivational speakers are known around the globe for their ability to deliver relevant content, in a fun, polite way.  (Please click Canadian motivational speakers for more details)

6) We make great use of hockey metaphors. (If you don’t understand hockey, we can always change it to a lacrosse metaphor.)

5) We look great in a toque.

4) Canadian motivational speakers always finish on time. (In fact, Canadian motivational speakers from Newfoundland will finish a half hour early)

3) Our English accents are readily understood by almost everyone (who speaks English), save for a few Newfoundlanders.

2) Canadian motivational speakers are notoriously humble. To find out more, please click on my RAVE reviews section of the website!

1) Canadian motivational speakers put the CAN in Canada!

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