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Please keep in mind that the demo video mostly features highlights of the more fun side of Michael’s presentations.

Michael always tailors his programs to the specific audience he is addressing: some clients hire Michael more for the humor with messages slipped in, others want a greater focus on ideas and relevant content.  Some clients want the focus to be on stress in the workplace, others on customer service,  others on leadership, still others on teamwork or communication or creativity, so Michael is happy to offer a menu of message options and is adept at tailoring his presentations to a range of different audience types and situations, from senior executive teams to front line employees.

He has spoken to audiences ranging from 9 to 3,500 and to clients from around the globe including associations, private corporations and governments at all levels, so Michael knows how to adapt his style and message to your unique situation.

Michael can also tailor his presentations exclusively for a leadership audience, offering a truly fresh and inspiring vision for inspiring leadership.

The messages Michael typically touches on include:

  • Creating an inspiring vision
  • Choosing your workplace attitude before it choose you!
  • Why works matters so much, why culture matters so much
  • Valuing workplace values: what do values really mean and why do they matter?
  • Motivation, team building and morale: five powerful P’s for inspiring motivation
  • Creating a positive workplace culture through humour: why humour in the workplace is so important
  • Practicing safe, professional humour in the workplace
  • Three R’s of managing stress with humour
  • Inspiring effective workplace communication
  • Inspiring customer service with a laugh
  • Inspiring creativity through humour
  • Creating a culture of celebration and recognition: why pride matters more than money
  • Simple principles for creating a truly inspiring workplace

“You were the hit of the conference. Most of the participants rated you as the best presenter of the conference.” Karen Bossin, Shoppers Drug Mart

“Mike Kerr held the full attention of our Senior Management Team for a full 4 hour presentation, and this is no small accomplishment!  His delivery style is highly energetic, and the information he imparts with flair and humor are applicable to everyday life and work situations.  Mike’s approach to management is a fantastic philosophy that I have encouraged my team to carry forward since our meeting.  I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from the team, and absolutely recommend Mike’s fabulous persona without hesitation.” – Martine Rothblatt, Chairman & CEO, United Therapeutics

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