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Meet Michael Kerr – Download One Page Bio Summary

michael-kerr-rbMichael Kerr, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame inductee, is an international business speaker, very funny motivational speaker, workshop trainer, and the author of six books including, Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work , and, most recently, The Humor Advantage: Why Some Businesses Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank. Michael travels the world researching, writing, and speaking about inspiring workplace cultures. He is known as one of North America’s leading speakers on workplace culture and on how businesses leverage their humor resources to deliver outrageous results -including lower absenteeism rates, lower employee turnover rates, less stress, more creativity, more effective communication, and increased sales. His hilarious, inspiring, and thought-provoking programs are often rated as having the greatest impact and relevance of any presentation at a conference, which is why Michael is listed as one of Canada’s most requested funny motivational business speakers.

Michael has delivered his captivating keynote presentations and training workshops to more than 2,000 audiences, from Iran to Texas, from Austria to Australia.   His programs offer relevant, practical ideas delivered with his memorable brand of high-energy, clean humor. “Inspiring,” “hilarious,” “energizing,” “fabulous ideas,” and “incredibly relevant and timely content,” are phrases clients repeatedly use to describe the impact of his presentations.

Michael’s latest book, The Humor Advantage has been described as “the definitive book on humor in the workplace,” while his book, Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work, has been called “an inspiring blueprint for workplace success.”

Here are just a few reasons to consider Michael Kerr for your next event:

  • Because you don’t have to choose between great, relevant content and fun. Michael strives to deliver as much relevant content as he can, but in such a memorable and fun way that audiences remember the messages.michael-kerr-large
  • Michael tailors his messages, stories, and examples to whoever he is speaking to, ensuring that each presentation is as relevant as possible.
  • Audiences see that his depth of knowledge on workplace culture is truly astounding, and because he shares real life examples from businesses around the world, audiences see that real changes in their own workplace truly are possible.
  • Michael’s presentation include over a dozen follow up e-resources, including handouts, articles, and e-books – a tremendous value-added bonus for audience members that ensures his many ideas and great messages are taken back to the workplace.
  • Michael practices “safe humor” – so you never have to worry if the humor will be inappropriate for any audience members.
  • Michael delivers. A review of his Rave Reviews package demonstrates the tremendous value Michael delivers to his audiences.
  • Michael is a professional. In fact, not only he is a Certified Speaking Professional, he was also inducted into the Canadian Speakers Association Hall of Fame in 2008. What does being a professional speaker mean? It means Michael understands the importance of asking the right questions. He understands the importance of the basics: working with the audio-visual team, showing up early, delivering materials to meeting planners well before the deadline, adapting his presentation to tie into last minute events or timing changes, and yes, he understands the importance of finishing on time to ensure your schedule stays on track! It’s the small things and the small attention to details that makes Michael a true professional.

Michael lives in Canmore and Calgary, Alberta.

Meet Michael Kerr – Download One Page Bio Summary

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